About Us

With over 40 years of HR and IR relations experience, we are one of South Africa’s leading labour consultancy firms that assist businesses in all sectors with the guidance and consultation on all matters – within the statutes and limitations governed by the South African Labour Law.

Introduction to The Specialised Employers Organisation
We help employers to provide staff with “fit for purpose” contracts in terms of:”
Employment contracts, with the relevant company policies, rules and regulations, job descriptions and responsibilities.

  1. Becoming BBBEE compliant in terms of the relevant labour legislation. 
  2. Advice on IR matters.
  3. Disciplinary hearings.
  4. Dismissal of staff, when absolutely necessary.
  5. Retrench staff whose positions have become redundant.
  6. Poor work performance counselling of staff who are not meeting their required performance standards.
  7. Mutual separation agreements when in the best interest of both parties.
  8. Trade union assistance especially within the workplace
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