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Consultations on Staff Management & Discipline

·        Company Policies, Rules and Regulations to be added to Employment Contracts

·        Employment Contracts – Permanent, Fixed Task & Fixed Term

·        Counseling of Staff and Management

·        Disciplinary Hearings, Warnings and Dismissals

·        Representation at CCMA, Bargaining Counsel and Labour Courts for Businesses’ Retrenchments

·        Retrenchments Require the following of the s procedures specified in Clause 189 of the LRA, and the inevitable dispute at the CCMA .

We Offer Specialised Training on Seta Comilpance

·         All aspects BBBEE Policies and Regulations

·         Employment Contracts

·         Counseling of Staff

·         Disciplinary Hearings, Warnings and Dismissals

·         Company Representation at the CCMA, Bargaining Councils and Labour Courts

·         Retrenchments


·         Compliance Skills Development and Training

·         Employment Equity

·         Consulting and Strategic Reports Ownership Structuring

·         BB-BEE Verification Services

·         Ownership Structuring

Trade Unions

·         Wage Negotiations

·         Shop Stewards

·         Managing Situations with Trade Unions on Businesses’ premises

Employment Equity 

·         Insolvency and Debt Assets Protection

·         Liquidation

Business Rescure

·         Insolvency and Debt Assets Protection

·         Debt Collection

·         Liquidation

Articles - By Rael Solomon

Who says you can't dismiss expensive staff? Welcome to the employer's secret weapon – Clause 189 of the LRA

6th August 2013 by Alec Hogg, Moneyweb

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